The Forgotten Artifact

Dodge slimes, command minions, and retrieve the stolen artifact!

Full Screen mode is recommended!

Mobile web is supported!

This game is a submission to the VimJam: collectables.


A long time ago, an unique artifact was stolen from the village by a group of slimes. Everyone was afraid to enter the dungeon and retrieve the artifact. Years and years passed, and  the item was forgotten. Until one day, a bright boy, who had a strong affinity with the village's friendly creatures, decided to enter the dungeon and seek the lost artifact.


The dungeon contains 3 floors, you need to reach the last floor and get out alive. You command a group of minions that will attack slimes on your behalf. Minions will spawn periodically. When you collect them they join you. 

Game +

Play again from the beginning with increased difficulty to see how further you can advance.

    Knight    Ranger    Priest

There are 3 Modes:

  • Attack: command your minions to seek and attack nearest enemies
  • Follow: command your minions to follow you
  • Stay: command your minions to remain in place


  • Arrow keys: move around
  • A/Q (or Cross on gamepad): switch to Attack mode
  • Z/W (or Square on gamepad): switch to Follow mode
  • E (or Circle on gamepad): switch to Stay mode
  • Enter (or Start on gamepad): toggle pause menu
  • Spacebar (or Triangle): toggle camera zoom


  • Art: Magsolid
  • Code: MeltedBrainz
  • Music/Sfx: MeltedBrainz

External Assets:

Font: Adventurer by Brian J Smith  (Creative Commons Attribution)


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I liked it a lot!

thanks for playing :)

Nice little game, the fact that you can't attack yourself is cool ^^
Good jam

Thank you for playing our game!

Really great game, found it very challenging at first when I would get surrounded by the slimes, but found a strategy to counter that and completed the game! 

Very smooth controls, I think it's fantastic how many types of input support you've added.

Art work is great, music and sound are also very well done!

I'd love to see this as a larger version, it's great fun. 

Well done!

Thank you :) maybe we will work on a full game after the jam, who knows :)

I think this is great! Love the idea that you can't attack yourself and only the minions can fight for you. I think the art is great and the music is nice too. The levels could have been made to look a bit more varied, there wasn't much to distinguish one level from the next. Otherwise really cool concept, like it!

Please consider checking out my submission to the VimJam!

thank you for your feedback  :) we didn't have enough time to focus on designing levels as the main focus of the game is to collect minions and manage them. 

Pretty fun! Might just suggest remembering the camera option when changing floor


thank you for trying out our game. I thought of your suggestion but forgot to add it :/